Meet Our Instructor..

Kate Post was Born in Miami, Fl., Kate has been dancing for 25 years. At the age of 9, she was part of a musical theater touring troupe. By the age of 11, she attended a magnet program for dance, where she focused on ballet and contemporary. In high school and college, Kate was part of her school’s dance team where she performed at pep rally's, sporting events, and competed in competitions. During that time she also taught studio classes including a variety of styles of dance: ballet, tap, modern, jazz hip-hop, and ballroom. Kate’s contributed her time to helping the South Florida community by coaching the Miami FC soccer dance team and working for a non-profit called “Girl Power” which encourages young girls through building self-confidence and pride. 

Kate is a Florida State Certified K-12 Dance Educator. She has been teaching dance for the past 12 years and currently teaches ASL and Dance at Somerset Academy. With Kate’s wide range of dance genres and her passion for ASL, she has provided a unique opportunity for her students to combine the areas of Dance and ASL. It has been Kate’s life-long dream to share her love and passion for both of dance and ASL. Kate explains: “As a society, we have been afforded the greatest gift of expression through movement. Learning to use this gift to enhance our own lives, as well as to help others, is a wonderful way to live an authentic and more fulfilling life.”